Footcare Services

Our 2Care4U Tootsies is not your typical pedicure. Our foot care services are provided by a Licensed Practical Nurse (“LPN”) who is a specialist in the care of preventing infections and routine foot problems.

At each appointment, the LPN will thoroughly examine your feet and provide:

  • Referrals


  • Lotion and Foot Rub

    Lotion and Foot Rub

  • Buffing


  • Toenail Thinning

    Toenail Thinning

  • Toenail Trimming

    Toenail Trimming

  • Ingrown Nail Removal

    Ingrown Nail Removal

  • Foot Health Evaluations

    Foot Health Evaluations

  • Foot Soak

    Foot Soak

  • 1

You are dedicated 30-minutes of specialized attention that will prevent the need for acute care, reduce suffering and numbness.

In office (Grand Rapids only): $45 for initial visit / $30 for each following visit Your home (within 10 miles of Grand Rapids office only): $60 for initial visit / $45 for each following visit

This preventative care service is ideal for individuals who have special health considerations, chronic illnesses, are elderly, and/or have a difficult time reaching their toenails.

G&H of Greater Minnesota

GNHIt is the mission of G & H of Greater Minnesota, Inc. to provide members of our community, who have health care needs, with well-trained and compassionate caregivers therefore enabling them to remain in their own homes.